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He’s racked up 45 years of experience on iconic brands like American Express, Uniroyal, Puerto Rico Board of Tourism, Shell, and Maxwell House, to name a fraction of them.

He loves really good scotch, The Discovery Channel, and all things Egypt. A 22-year veteran in the industry, Noah has poured his sweat equity and charm into everything from tourism to pizza to sunglasses and semiconductors. He likes his Internet fast and hates people walking in front of him slowly — especially when he’s walking Punch and Butters, his cat and dog.

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That's why we go beyond marketing and connect with REAL PEOPLE on real terms. We surround challenges with resources that are BEST, not simply available.He’s worked on everything from cars to insurance to fish to finance and telecom. The folks around him applauded his spiel—cause it saved them money, too! He and his kids enjoy spending time with Butterscotch, their hamster. Dmitry loves Indian-style lamb chops and collecting racecar models. Dmitry has shared his creative vision with Jell-O, Country Time Lemonade, Oreo, plus Harry Potter (The Movies), and Shrek, just to name a few. He’s worked on Continental Airlines, Chevrolet, Miracle Whip, Kraft Mayo, and Healthy Choice, too.Kathy gets action through involvement — whether that’s asking her kids for their POV on dinner choices, or medical advocate boards for theirs on local needs.Jim has worked with a lot of brands you come into contact with every day, like Nestlé Quik, Kool-Aid, Cool Whip, Hellmann’s, Finlandia Vodka, RC Cola, Master Card, Avis, Wells Fargo, and Reach. Brooklyn was cool) who hikes, kayaks, travels, and teaches Zumba.In short, if it’s good for the heart and soul, Diane is all over it.

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